Whole Learning Community Conversation

Path Conversation

How do we achieve our vision?

A year’s worth of conversation with our whole community in Wenatchee related to learning culminated in a survey asking the community, students and district staff to weigh in on how much they support 11 Changes for a Better Future – changes the district is prepared to undertake. The results are in, showing high support with a few exceptions.

Download the report for print (single sheets) or for screen (2-page spreads):

WL%2011%20Changes%20Report WL%2011%20Changes%20Report.screen


Wenatchee Learns Community Advisors


Alan Walker, Executive Director, United Way

"Wenatchee Learns has created a better understanding of our education process – past practices, current format and what education could look like in the future."


West Mathison, President, Stemilt Growers

"As tax payers we all are investing into the system. In order to feel connected to this investment, the Wenatchee Learns process has educated me about challenges and opportunities facing the leadership of our school district."


John Janney, General Manager, Chelan PUD

"The PUD believes in supporting educational programs that help students understand the local history and impact of having a public utility that has brought substantial benefit to the community for 75 years so it can be preserved for the future."

Identity Conversation

Who do we aspire to be at our best?

In our conversation about our identity, we asked members of the community to share what they care about most when it comes to local learning (and why) and what they want our local learning system to do for us.

View the report to find out what we heard.

Direction Conversation

How do we envision local learning in 2027?

In our conversation about our direction, participants shared their vision of a future where all we aspire to be is present and thriving.

View the report to find out what we heard.