About Wenatchee Learns

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wenatchee Learns?

Wenatchee Learns is a revolution in the way Wenatchee plans for and supports education. It brings students, citizens and learning professionals together to design the future of learning in Wenatchee – and to participate in building and supporting that future. It’s an enduring, inclusive, relationship-based approach to learning that transforms Wenatchee from a city with schools to a Whole Learning Community.

Why Wenatchee Learns – and why now?

We believe that students truly are the future. But we aren’t effectively reaching all our students today, and experience proves that we must do something different and significant to meet not only today’s challenges but to transform our education system to prepare students and our community for a rapidly changing global future. A consciousness gap has existed between our citizens and our school system – a gap that must be filled if we are to thrive. Wenatchee Learns fills that gap. The conversation campaign (and the Whole Learning Community it fosters) is a way for all of us in Wenatchee to combine our voices, creativity, passion, and talent on behalf of the future we all share – a future made possible by learning. This is our moment.

Who is involved in Wenatchee Learns?

Wenatchee Learns is designed to include the voices of thousands of members of our community. The Wenatchee School Board and the Superintendent are leading the initiative – supported by two dozen community Advisors, local consultants from be,clearly, and many passionate Champions of local learning.

How is this effort different?

Wenatchee Learns is an entirely new way to plan for and support education based on enduring relationships with citizens. Unlike traditional outreach, a much larger portion of the community is meaningfully involved – which leads to common clarity, ownership and commitment. With Wenatchee Learns, citizens have an active role in shaping the future, not merely a voice.

How long will this project last?

The initial launch of Wenatchee Learns – the conversation campaign – will run through the end of the 2011-2012 school year. But the relationships and conversations we foster in our community will not end with the conversation campaign. Wenatchee Learns is a permanent asset designed to nurture our Whole Learning Community and will evolve into an entity with a lasting presence.

When and how will we begin to see changes in education?

Wenatchee Learns has already spun off innovations and projects as early as the beginning of 2012. But the conversation process is careful and methodical, based on a series of questions that build on each other – questions that must be answered step by step and together as a community if we are to gain common clarity about our vision for learning. In that sense, Wenatchee Learns is a marathon, not a sprint.

The Wenatchee Learns Team

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School Board

  • Gary Callison
  • Jesús Hernández (representative to Wenatchee learns)
  • Kevin Gilbert
  • Dr. Walter S. Newman
  • Laura Jaecks (representative to Wenatchee Learns)

Community Advisors

Consultants (be,clearly)

Communications Team